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How to set up a Cargo Link in Starfield

How to use Cargo Links to transfer resources between your bases in Starfield

A close-up of an Outpost building on a rocky desolate planet landscape in Starfield.
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How do Cargo Links work in Starfield? If you've finished following our Starfield outposts guide but you're looking for a little more information on Cargo Links, then you've come to the right place. There are lots of bountiful planets to find in Starfield, but there isn't a planet that has everything you need, so you'll need Cargo Links to ferry things back and forth.

Whether it's fuel, building materials, or something else entirely, you need to shift things from planets where you only have small outposts to anywhere you have a more established base. Cargo Links are a huge quality of life inclusion in Starfield as a whole, so you'll want to get some build as soon as you have extractors and power. Here's what you need to know about Starfield Cargo Links.

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Starfield Cargo Links explained

Cargo Links automatically transfer resources from one planet to another. That's the TL;DR of what they do, but that doesn't quite signify their importance if you want to dedicate a lot of time to building outposts. Once you've decided which of the best outpost locations to settle down on, and you've got more than one outpost created, setting up a Cargo Link should be the next port of call when you're extracting resources.

The player in Starfield reads a pop-up tutorial panel about Cargo Links.
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There are two types of Cargo Links in Starfield. The first is a standard Cargo Link, which is cheaper to build and allows you to move resources between two outposts in the same star system. The second type is the Inter-System Cargo Link, which costs more resources to build but allows you to send and receive resources from anywhere in the universe.

The player in Starfield reads a pop-up tutorial panel about output links.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Bethesda Game Studios

Once you build your first Cargo Link, you must ensure anything you want to send to another planet is linked in the build screen. Then, when you also have a Cargo Link established on the destination planet, you can use the control panel on the source Cargo Link to make a connection. All outgoing resources will appear in one of the storage containers on the Cargo Link - you can also add items here manually - while anything incoming will be in the other storage container.

That's it for the basics of Cargo Links in Starfield - of course, this only details one single Cargo Link connection, but once you start building multiple across your vast network of outposts, you will quickly see how essential they become. Make sure you know how to delete an outpost if you run out of slots and want to make one somewhere else. You can also check out our guide on the best Outpost locations in Starfield.

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