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Stafield length, and how long to beat Main story

How long is Starfield? You'd better set aside more than just a weekend to play the game

A promotional image of a character in Starfield.
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How long is Starfield? Starfield takes players on an out-of-this-world adventure full of interlocking storylines, quests, discovery, and exploration. While it's certainly possible to speedrun it, most players are going to want to take in everything this massive game has to offer as they dive into the main story.

But even if you're laser-focused on beating Bethesda's brand-new space adventure as quickly as possible, you're going to need to set aside more than a casual afternoon to do it. Here, we cover Starfield's length and what you can expect once you start playing the game.

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How long is Starfield?

Starfield's main story is about 30 to 40 hours long. However, if you insist on powering through the game without breaks for story elements, you can complete it in as few as 23 hours.

For those who want to take the game slow and enjoy the side quests and exploration, you'll be looking at more like 60 hours. Ultimately, Starfield's length depends on the person playing. Most Starfield players will benefit from taking time to adequately level their characters and assign skill points as they advance, which is a good reason to explore side content while pushing through the main storyline.

Your inner completionist will be happy to know there's much more to do in the game than finish the campaign. The game has numerous side quests, including two major faction side quests that each increase Starfield's length by about ten hours each. Upon completing Starfield's main story, you'll also have the option to play again with New Game+, which incentivizes another playthrough with perks that you didn't have the first time around. Dedicated space explorers may find Starfield's length to be more than 150 hours as they discover the secrets hidden within the game's thousand planets and hundred star systems.

Starfield's length varies because all of the planets have unique weather, species, and characteristics, so there's no shortage of things to discover throughout your repeated journeys. Starfield also encourages creative building and crafting, so if you're the crafty type, you'll likely find yourself invested in many more hours of gameplay from that as well.

That's everything you need to know about Starfield's length. As you play, be sure to check out our ongoing Starfield coverage and guides, including our take on the best Starfield builds, our guide to Starfield character creation, and our insights on all Starfield traits and how they work. We've also got a list of console commands and cheats, as well as guides on the Starfield romance options and the best PC settings for performance.

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