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Mystery Steam Reviews has pirates, parents and meltdowns, as we go underwater

Darling, it's better down where it's wetter

The PC Gaming Weekspot has everything you could ever want from a weekly video podcast about PC gaming. We chat all the latest news, we review the newest games, and we get cross with one another while we try to guess video games from just their Steam reviews.

This week is an emotional rollercoaster.

Since it began, every edition of Mystery Steam Reviews has focused on specific years, but we're trying something a little different this week. We've decided to test each other with video games that have a water-based setting. So, think games that are set underwater or have a large liquid-y element to them in some way shape or form.

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We may return to years at some point in the future, but getting wet was such a success that we're going to continue choosing themes for the time being. Next week, every game must be set in the United Kingdom. There's some wiggle room: you can't choose an F1 game and claim Silverstone makes it eligible, but you can choose a globetrotting game that contains a memorable mission/s set in Britain. Yeah... I can see this causing problems, too. At least we can refer back to The Rule Bible™ if there are any issues.

It might be difficult to gather your own thoughts while we're screaming at one another, but I'd love to know how many answers you got right. Jump into the comments section, so people can praise you for going six for six. But if you want some real adulation, stick some links to your terrific Tarrant impressions in the comments.

If you like this, then you may very well enjoy the full episode of this week's The PC Gaming Weekspot. Matthew gave a vocal version of his Ghostrunner runner, I spoke about how much I enjoyed Little Nightmares 2, and we chatted about what could be next for Kojima Productions.

If you're new here, why not have a look at last week's edition of Mystery Steam Reviews. It contained a Far Cry 3 clue that divided the nation.


For those not in the know, or who need a refresher.

Colm and Matthew both bring three Steam reviews to the MSR arena (yes, arena), but they omit the name of the game each review is for. Their opponent must correctly guess the name of that game, including any numbers or subtitles. However, there is some leeway for things such as "Complete Edition" or "Definitive Edition." One correct answer = one point.

While both combatants have 90 seconds on each Mystery Steam Review, they also have help in the form of three lifelines. These can be used at any stage during battle, and pause the 90-second timer. Each lifeline can only be used once.

Question allows whoever is in the hot seat to ask a simple yes or no question, as long as the question isn’t, “is the name of the game [insert name of the game here]?". When Second Opinion is used, the man in the warm chair will get to hear a second Steam review of the same game. And when Genre is activated, the genre of the game is revealed to the man with the fiery arse.

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