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Kojima Productions confirm they're working on a new project

What a thrill!

It's no surprise that Kojima Productions are working on a new project, seeing as Death Stranding came out almost a year ago and Hideo Kojima has muttered about new things for a while, but it is now official. Today they declared "a new project is in development" and put out a hiring call for new staff. No hint of what the new game is, mind. I dream of: a Death Stranding sequel where an adult BB carries a now-elderly Sam back across America, strapped to his chest. Come on Hideo, you know you love echoing stories and characters.

That's it. Kojima has been publicly talking about planning new things for a while, but I suppose this is formal, official confirmation that they're staffing up for something. Would suggest they have a specific thing in mind.

Hideo Kojima and artist Yoji Shinkawa did talk early this year about wanting to do one "big" game as well as maybe some smaller or episodic games. That's only talk, mind. I'm not going to get caught up in divining from interviews and doodles.

Death Stranding was the first Kojima Productions game since his unamicable split from Konami after Metal Gear Solid V. In all honesty, I wouldn't expect a sequel straight away. It doesn't seem popular enough to be the obvious choice, not now. But I do want to see an adult BB (still with a big baby head) carrying a wizened Sam who keeps trying to offer advice about weeing and lecturing BB on the correct way to stack boxes.

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