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Help save the planet with Steam's World Environment Day sale

Help save the planet with some sweet gaming deals

What's this? Your deals herald has been let out of her deals cave early this week? Well, I never. But! There's a good reason for this early deals herald proclamation, as Valve have just launched a special World Environment Day sale on Steam highlighting lots of good games about our fair planet and the natural world. Running from now until 4pm PST on June 7 (or midnight here in the UK), you not only get to enjoy those sweet, sweet deals, but a portion of every sale will get donated to charities and conservation organisations such as Greenpeace, World Land Trust and The Nature Conservatory.

Put together by Team Fugl dev Johan Gjestland, who made the chunky, voxel shape-shifting bird game Fugl, there are plenty of games worth highlighting here. The big one is Subnautica, which is currently 30% off, and the devs will be donating 15% of their profits to Ocean Cleanup, a Dutch foundation who's trying to clean up the world's oceans by developing and applying new technologies.

There's also 90% off Submerged, 80% off Never Alone, 70% off Botanicula, 60% off Aer: Memories of Old, 25% off Flower, 70% off Secrets of Raetikon and 50% off Fugl itself to name just few others. You can find a full list right here. Plus, the devs behind early access meditation game Playne have pledged to plant a tree for every copy sold during the World Environment Day sale period.

"Games are often dismissed by those outside our hobby as being mindless or violent, and while there’s nothing wrong with entertainment like that we think it’s worth highlighting games that fall outside of that perception," said Gjestland. "At the same time, being able to highlight an important event like World Environment Day on a platform with the reach of Steam is a great opportunity to use our work to give something back."

World Environment Day is technically celebrated tomorrow on June 5, and it's the United Nations' official day for raising awareness about protecting our environment. There's a different theme every year, and the one for 2019 is 'Beat Air Pollution'.

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