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Steamy Peggle Nights (For Half The Price)

The sequel (of sorts) to our favourite ball-based game of last year has been around for a few weeks now, but grumpy, sensible types - myself included - had refused to buy it direct from Popcap, preferring to wait until it showed up in Steam for that vital install-anywhere thingy, and the hope of a lower price. And now it has, which is good news for Peggle fans, but bad news for me as I'm supposed to be working this evening, but instead I'm playing bloody Peggle.

Word on the e-street is that it's a disappointingly unambitious follow-up to what was one of the landmark casual games of recent times. My inquisitive nosing at the early levels seems to bear this out - there's some fun humour, but it isn't anything beyond More Peggle. I'm saddened they didn't even change the victory music. I love hearing the Ode To Joy as much as the next EXTREME FEVERed man, but I'd hoped to be surprised with something new but similarly melodramatic. Ah well. More Peggle isn't exactly a bad thing, and at $10 the price is right too - that's half of what Popcap themselves charge, ludicrously. Plus I'm clinging to the belief this is simply a stop-gap follow-up, and the guys behind the first Peggle are secretly working on something far bolder. I might be a fool, but I'm a fool in love (with Peggle).

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