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Tabletop For Ten: Revolution - Virtual Playspace

RPG Simulator

You've probably heard of Tabletop Simulator, the clever piece of software that allows users to recreate boardgames on a virtual table. There are many modules to download, and we've covered the thoughts of boardgame creators and publishers about the availability of their own games in simulated form.

Now there's a new kid on the tabletop block in the shape of Revolution: Virtual Playspace. Aimed at cooperative pen and paper RPGs rather than boardgames, it supports up to ten players and comes with a host of editors.

The video below gives a good overview of what's included and Revolution is available now through both Steam Early Access and

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Here's a text summary:

Virtual Playspace is a 3D Digital Virtual Tabletop that focuses on co-op Miniatures play. Create your own Maps, Quests, Conversations, Items, Miniatures, Stores, Loot Drop Lists.. and then play your adventures or entire campaigns with up to 10 people as if you were playing a pen & paper or miniatures game around a tabletop, using any rule system you like. With our Battle Rules system you can enjoy single player, multi-player and co-op play. It also offers multiple Playsets to open up the freedom to play many other game types like, Modern Combat, Vehicle Combat, Space Combat, Mech Combat and Super Heroes & Villains.

I don't have any local friends who play pen and paper RPGs so I'd definitely be up for something like this, although I don't think I have any distant friends who'd be willing to learn how all of the editors and whatnot work in order to take the lead. I need more nerd-chums.

Confession time. When I first heard about Tabletop Simulator, I thought it was a gag game, along the lines of Grass and Rock Simulator. It didn't seem particularly unlikely and I briefly imagined a future in which my job involved reviewing Cup Simulator, Spoon Simulator and Rug Simulator. "So this is the future," I thought, briefly wondering if I was now a man out of time, like an ageing music critic encountering a Moog for the first time.

Hey, now - Moog Simulator. There's an idea.

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