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Words Have Power: Immersive Sim Tangiers Due November

Sneaking and rewriting reality

A sandbox stealthy immersive sim in a surreal, horror-y world inspired by writers like Burroughs and Ballard is the kind of game description you might get if you wrote RPS's favourite things on scraps of paper, folded them up, put them in a hat, gave it a good shake, grabbed a handful and lined them up. It is also a description of an actual real game, one I'm awfully excited about.

We've cooed at Tangiers [official site] for a few years, and it's finally almost here. Come have a peek in a fine new trailer, and do pop on head-mounted listening devices for its splendid sound:

Cover image for YouTube video

Crumbs! That's quite something. To explain a little of what you've seen, Tangiers is a vast surreal city that's rebuilding following a terrible war, but the rebuilding is also dividing people and causing strife. Then in drops muggins here, someone from another world, and reality really starts to unravel. Good job, dum-dum. So there you are, creeping around open levels in immersive sneak-o style, with the power to steal dialogue and wield its words to change the world.

I am really crudely crushing down a fascinating game to fit into a news post, which doesn't seem right. Go read this fascinating chat we had last year with Alex Harvey of developers Andalusian.

Tangiers used to have a third-person perspective, but it's looking first-y now, isn't it? Good.

You might have noticed a release date at the end of the trailer: November 26th. If you dig its music, good news: a Tangiers soundtrack EP is up on Bandcamp as pay-what-you-want.

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