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Tangiers Would Like To Burroughs Some Money

It's not often we're presented with a game that doesn't just rip off Aliens, though I do enjoy a good bughunt, so I am not surprised to see the William Burroughs inspired Tangiers struggle a little as its Kickstarter ends. It's so close but it could be closer! The surrealist stealth game's odd world doesn't have many hooks for anyone not into “a little chain of 20th-century avant garde following Dada, William Burroughs, and so on.” To be honest, I'm not as familiar with them as I should be (I'm still waiting for a Sirens Of Titans MMO). But look at it. Even without knowing what shoulders its standing on, there's a lot to admire in the mechanics and style. The team have been updating the Kickstarter page pretty regularly, so there's some new footage below, and a few things I've yanked that I found interesting.

Much of what we've seen has shown the urban areas, but there will be outside environments that you need to traverse. According to developer Alex Harvey: "Exploration tilts slightly away from getting to know an environment to traversing one. Using dispersed, unique features that dot the landscape as milestones, you navigate over the world, searching for the shards of urban district that you must infiltrate. Climbing to the higher ground to get the lay of the land."

That outside world is the inverse of the impenetrable inky blackness of the cities. Just look.

And there's some traditional gaming in there too, albeit with a surreal bent. I love that all this hangs off a stealth game, so a creature that's basically a walking flashlight becomes all the more terrifying. It doesn't even have a neck that Sam Fisher can snap.

Watch on YouTube

I've got my mandibles crossed for this one. I'd really like to see it happen.

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