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Tank football returns to World of Tanks for the World Cup

The beautiful game as it was meant to be

The World Cup, I have been reliably informed, is very much going on at the moment, pitting nation against nation in a desperate battle to become Football King for the next four years. Normally, it’s a humans-only sporting event, with FIFA banning animals, household appliances and even tanks from participating. Wargaming has corrected the latter, at least, by once again kicking off a summer of tank football in World of Tanks.

If you missed it the last time the World Cup took place, tank football is exactly how it sounds, unless you think it sounds like a bunch of footballers kicking a tank around. That would be silly. No, this is so much more sensible, with heavy metal war machines tearing up a pitch as they chase an oversized ball. It’s Rocket League with tanks, basically.

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Like real football, tank football is a three-a-side affair, lasts seven minutes and ends in sudden death if there are no winners when the timer ends. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to bring your own tanks into the matches; instead Wargaming has made three mode-specific variants. There’s an AMX 13 105 that fills the role of striker, a T-62A midfielder and an E-100 defender.

You can take part in solo and team tournaments, work your way up the leaderboards for the different tank roles and try to earn medals and some new looks for your tanks. If you reach the top of any leaderboard, you’ll win yourself a football. It’s not just any football, though! It’s been vandalised by an Italian gentleman, Gianluigi Buffon, who is apparently quite good at football. That’ll be worth a few quid on eBay, then.

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World of Tanks also hit 1.0 earlier this year, accompanied by a massive graphics and engine overhaul. If you've not played since the last World Cup, you'll find that quite a bit has changed. Take a gander at my World of Tanks 1.0 review to see what's up.

Tank football is live now and you can download World of Tanks for free from the official site.

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