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Terraria's final update, Journey's End, arrives in May

The journey comes to an end

We've dug far enough into the depths at last. Terraria's big final update, Journey's End, has been planned for quite a while, bringing a whole slew of new items, bosses, and baddies to the world. It's been a bit longer in coming than originally planned, but Re-Logic have now announced that the 1.4 update is coming on May 16th.

Re-Logic announced the date today in a tweet with an image of the new world generation screen for Terraria. You can spot the new Master mode wot's supposed to be the ultra hard kick in the pants even more difficult than expert.

You can also peep something called "Journey" mode as well, which Re-Logic haven't explained. It's on the opposite end of the difficulty option spectrum and its icon is a bunny face so I'd have to imagine this will be the ultra easy pat on the head mode. Perhaps it'll be analogous to Minecraft's Creative Mode allowing free building as well.

Fans have already compiled a giant running list of every 1.4 feature we know of and it's hefty indeed. At a glance, there's a vampire frog, a red panda pet, a bestiary, and oh so many more.

Back when Journey's End was announced, Dominic Tarason worried that the new update will upend many popular mods when it shakes the game's world generation. Before 1.4, you can check out Dominic's list of the best Terraria mods to keep an eye on updates for your favorites.

Apparently Re-Logic also have a new project in the works now that they're putting Terraria to bed. We don't know a dang thing about that one yet though.

Journey's End will be a free update for all players launching for Terraria on May 16th. You can find Terraria on Steam and GOG.

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