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TFT Galaxies will shake up the auto-battler's big spenders

Money money, honey.

Teamfight Tactics is preparing to blast off into its next set, Galaxies, later this month. But while Riot are bringing some extraterrestrial changes to the League Of Legends auto-battler, there are some more fundamental changes to make before heading into orbit - reworking Teamfight's in-game economy and making significant changes to its cosmetic pass.

Riot reckon that, lately, there's just been too much gosh dang money floating around in TFT matches. Folks were able to clean out the store within the first few rounds, selling their early heroes and accruing ludicrous incomes incredibly quickly. To counter this, Riot have severely cut passive income and stopped high-value boxes from dropping in the first two PVE rounds.

To compensate, the opening carousel now only features champions that cost one gold. While Riot felt offering up more tantalising two-gold champs would help players form early strategies, it turned out most folks were just selling 'em for the cash boost. With less coin to play with and cheaper heroes to choose from, the hope is that you'll be inclined to keep your starting pick around for a few turns. Streaks will also pay out their bonuses sooner to stop you from taking too many hits during an intentional loss run.

There's a laundry list of other changes, of course. The item pool has been made less predictable, discouraging players from gunning for the spatula with a hot loss streak. Damage values have been simplified - raising the base damage of losing a fight per round but flattening all hero damage to one, in an attempt to make it easier to understand where all that hurt's coming from.

Listen, though. I'm by far no expert on Teamfight Tactics. If you want a full breakdown on Galaxies' proposed changelist, you can check out the full lineup over on their update post.

It's not just your virtual wallet that'll be affected by Galaxies. The next set is ripping the Beta tag off the Pass system and adding an additional paid track of cosmetics to unlock. Level up the Galaxies pass for free and you'll get some goodies, sure. Pay up for a Galaxies Pass+ and you'll unlock every premium rewards up to your current pass level. Your standard battle pass affair, same as your Fortnites or Apexes.

Those unlocks include new boards to fight across, variants for your little legends, and "Booms" - special cosmetic effects that play whenever your heroes or legend takes damage. It does also seem like you'll be able to buy a few of these directly from the in-game store. Interestingly, Riot date June 9th as the end of this pass, suggesting another season or set is scheduled to arrive shortly thereafter.

Want to give those changes a shot right now? Galaxies is currently testing over on the League of Legends Public Beta Environment (PBE) servers, with a full release set for sometime later this month.

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