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The best gaming keyboard is 55% off today at Best Buy

Getting the full-size Fnatic Streak mechanical keyboard for $50 is an incredible deal

Esports legends Fnatic make some truly high-grade gaming peripherals, and their full-size Fnatic Streak mechanical keyboard is more than 50% off today. In fact, you can pick up the Streak from Best Buy for just $50, a $60 reduction from its normal price of $110 and the lowest price we've ever seen by a long shot.

That's an outstanding deal for our current best gaming keyboard recommendation. In her full Fnatic Streak review, Katharine praised the slim yet strong aluminium design, soft adjustable wrist rest and convient volume wheel. Combined with real Cherry MX mechanical switches and a convenient full-size layout, the Streak impressed her enough to warrant 'an immediate recommendation' that has persisted right up to the present day.

This particular unit comes with Cherry MX RGB Red switches, so you get a soft linear switch that's ideal for gaming yet still has enough travel to work well for typing and general use as well. The RGB backlighting looks great, but keep in mind that you can use the Fnatic OP software to change the lighting to any single colour or effect that you like from dozens of options, or turn the lighting off entirely if you don't need it!

For context on just how good this deal is, I took a look at the same keyboard being sold at Amazon, where the Streak is currently retailing for $125 (!!). Even looking at the historical data, the Streak has only dipped momentarily as low as $100, making this $50 price for a brand new keyboard an absolutely historic bargain.

There are reportedly only 10 units left at this price, so please do check out Best Buy's listing pronto if you're interested - you wouldn't want to miss out if you're in the market for a new mechanical keyboard!

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