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The Brotherhood Of Steel stomp into Fallout 76 in December

The brotherhood is back in town

After that big Wastelanders update that added human NPCs and a legit storyline to Fallout 76 earlier this year, the story quests are rolling right along with the upcoming Steel Dawn update. Militant tech fanatics Brotherhood Of Steel are entering Appalachia while apparently doing what they do best: stomping around in power armor and scowling. A new teaser trailer lets on just a little bit about what the new story will add to online Fallout.

"Paladin Leila Rahmani and her troops have arrived from California to establish a new Appalachian chapter," Bethesda say. "Work with or against the other Factions to achieve success. Visit settlements populated with new NPCs and unlock powerful weapons and armor from the Brotherhood arsenal." I hope they flew a vertibird because that's a heck of a cross-country walk in power armor otherwise.

I'm willing to bet that blockade at the end of the trailer is the Brotherhood's own city being added to the map just like the raiders' Crater and settlers' Foundation. If memory serves, it doesn't seem like the Brotherhood often get along with other factions of wasteland folks. At a guess, the Brotherhood's goals of tech control will likely clash with the two other groups in Fallout 76.

Bethesda say that the Brotherhood Of Steel story in Fallout 76 is beginning this December and will continue on with more Brotherhood quests and updates in 2021. The Steel Dawn update is also when those instanced building areas called C.A.M.P. shelters are being added.

If you've yet to give it a shot, Fallout 76 is free this week.

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