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The Dongs Are Back In Town: SR4 Australia

You just can't stop the twists and turns in the Saints Row 4 classification story. After being refused twice on different builds of the game a third and final submission has been made. This time, according to local distributor All Interactive Entertainment, it has just the right combination of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll to somehow deserve only an MA15+ rating. Jumping two brackets (skipping 18+ entirely) seems to be down to removal of both the "alien narcotics" and "Rectifier Probe" weapon. Quote from publishers Deep Silver if you're old enough to pass the break.

Deep Silver and AIE are pleased to report that the Australian Classification Board has now approved Saints Row IV for sale. They have granted the game a MA15+ rating. To achieve this rating one loyalty mission featuring the character Shaundi has been removed. This mission has been widely reported on and contains the use of alien narcotics to obtain certain superpowers. This mission represents approximately 20 minutes of gameplay out of the hours available to purchasers. The removal of this mission has no negative impact on the story or the superpowers and will not detract from the enjoyment players will get from their Saints Row IV experience. The rectifier weapon will be available as part of a DLC package as originally intended. Deep Silver respects this decision and thanks the Australian Classification Board for their assistance with this matter.

via Joystiq.

It is very odd to me that a game so entirely ridiculous might be taken so seriously. Even Germany's famously strict ratings board hasn't peeped up about any part of the title. Moreover, looks like they're going to sneak some of the disallowed content past through a DLC loophole, rather defeating the purpose. Why bother with strict classification guidelines if contraband can just be patched in anyway?

Still, seems this is the last stop on the crazy train. Europeans can look forward to their uncensored, uncut experience on August 23rd while Americans once again benefit from their side of the digital pond three days earlier. Lucky smeggers.

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