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The Electronic Wireless Show episode 189: the best thing from a game you want in real life

Or: how to make the world an endless nightmare

This week on the Electronic Wireless Show podcast we clear up an initial misunderstanding but eventually get in sync and talk about the game things we'd want in real life: health packs, tetris, inventory management. By their powers combined we manage to create an absolutely nightmarish dystopian society where people live forever but cannot put more than four of the same thing in a line. It's bleak. Games should stay in games.

Matthew continues the Wolfe Carlton saga, Nate is making a crayfish into a mini-model, and I have a cold. A regular cold! No funny business. Matthew also does a very hard Cavern Of Lies this week that honestly nearly has us.

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Hard to do links this week, because we talk about broad sort of themes rather than pointing to named examples in games. BUT! Matthew likens his ideal inventory shuffling system to Resident Evil 4, and specifically wants life to operate like Tetris (i.e. lines of things disappear). Nate suggests it would be really good to store water in cubes like in Minecraft, and my idea to be able to craft a third thing by smashing two things together is taken from point and click adventures like Monkey Island.

Recommendations this week are a weird Vince Vaughn movie (remember him?? Remember Vince Vaughn? Whatever happened to him? Much like the personal injury lawyer ads, he was everywhere in the early 00s and now??) called Freaky, the final series of Stranger Things, and the new dinostravaganza Prehistoric Planet.

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