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The Electronic Wireless Show episode 197: the most annoying NPCs in video games

Not you again

Welcome once again to The Electronic Wireless Show podcast. As a counterpoint to the episode on the nicest blokes to hang out with in games, we've decided to talk about our most hated NPCs (a bonus prize to anyone who can guess which is the one we all say first). It's an interesting one to discuss, because the line between intentionally annoying and unintentionally annoying can be very thin. Plus everyone tends to find different things annoying. Disclaimer: you are not annoying, any similarities you have to characters we find annoying are coincidental.

A huge digression this week because it's Nate's birthday! Wow! So we talk about his birthday and dressing as lobsters. This digression also has an effect on the tone of the Cavern Of Lies this week, which is something of a Nate-stravaganza. This episode is not going to be welcoming if you've not listened to our podcast before.

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Music is by Jack de Quidt.

We all hate Claptrap from Borderlands, that's just a thing we all do now.

Nate has an issue with the innkeeper from Hearthstone.

Monokuma the bear thing from Danganronpa is a whole thing. I also have beef with Morgana from Persona 5, although Matthew disagrees with me.

I also find Mission from Knights Of The Old Republic very annoying, but I realise this may be a controversial opinion.

Rockstar Games have a lot of potentially annoying characters, Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption alike.

Recommendations this week are muder mystery thriller Second Sister by Chan Ho-Kei, sad opioid epidemic drama Dopesick, and monster adventure The Sea Beast.

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