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The Electronic Wireless Show episode 198: the best last stands in games

Our glory will live forever

Today's topic for The Electronic Wireless Show podcast comes from listener Alastair Fakelastname, who suggested we talk about some of our favourite brave last stands in video game history. We do discuss what constitutes a last stand for the purposes of our discussion, but not until quite some time into the podcast. Many things are thrown into the ring, from RTS classics to famous boxart.

As digressions we talk about Nate's monstrous fish army, and the cool ska band I went to see. Matthew has crafted, once again, a marvellous Cavern Of Lies, this time themed around the screen-destroying survival game Vampire Survivors.

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Music is by Jack de Quidt.

Music is by Jack de Quidt, who has never needed to make a last stand.

Before you go on, know that you might not want to know that (m)any of these games have last stands in them, so consider this a spoiler warning.

Halo: Reach has a last stand that you know is doomed from the start, making it all the more powerful.

14 real life Halo 2 players had their own meta last stand on the game's servers.

There's a similar last stand in Red Dead Redemption at the sort of end that is in fact the first end.

Nate has had many a last stand in Age Of Empires II, one particularly memorable one involving monks and elephants.

There are many last stands in the Mass Effect series. I offer you either Mordin or Grunt from Mass Effect 3.

Desperados 3 has a final level that's as much a test of your ability with the game as it is a last stand.

Undertale's final boss is a last stand for the boss, even if we don't like Undertale as much as most people (but would never say that out loud).

Is the Doom game cover a last stand? For whom?

Recommendations this week are Halloween 3: Season Of The Witch, The Labours Of Hercule podcast, and Dr Squatch organic soap.

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