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The Finals, the most wishlisted game on Steam, just launched

Destructive delight

Blue skies and jump pads in The Finals.
Image credit: Embark Studios

Destructive, team-based multiplayer shooter The Finals has launched. The release was announced during this evening's Game Awards, but has been long expected. The Finals had a successful open beta last month, after which it became the most wishlisted game on Steam.

The Finals is free-to-play and so you can download it from Steam now.

Cover image for YouTube videoTHE FINALS | Season 1 | December 2023
The Finals launch trailer.

If you missed out on the open beta: The Finals pits teams of three against each other as they fight over vaults and cash boxes, seeking to be the first to deposit a certain amount of funds in a frantic first-person shooter that's framed like a game show.

The real hook is that its levels, set in cities around the world, are completely destructible. You can take a sledgehammer to a door, fire a propane tank at a wall, drop C4 in through a skylight, and cause enough damage that entire buildings collapse.

I played a lot of the beta and had a lot of fun, although I also found it too frantic for its own good. It's a game in which you'll spend your entire time running (with parkour and grappling hooks, mind you), desperate to reach an item, steal an item, or stop an enemy.

Of course, that rush is also what makes it exciting and moreish, and I'm keen to play it more now it's out in the wild.

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