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The first Tiny Tina's Wonderlands DLC rolls for initiative tomorrow

Coiled Captors is the first of four season pass drops

2K and Gearbox Software have announced the first of four DLC additions to their obligatorily zany shooter Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, Coiled Captors, and it’s out on April 21st. That’s just two days before Shakespeare’s birthday – surely a sign of a quality narrative?

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Forsooth, Coiled Captors is actually a replayable dungeon with an elder god for a boss named, erm, Chums. Not quite as intimidating as Cthulhu or Dagon, but okay. Chums has been trapped inside the monstrous body of a seawarg for centuries and he’s a bit narked about it, the old lad. So riled up, in fact, that he’s going to metamorphose into increasingly nasty forms over the first few weeks after release.

There are four forms to Chums, planned to drop at 5:30pm BST / 9.30am PDT on April 21st and 28th, then May 5th and – his final form – on May 12th. 2K notes the dates and times may still change. You’ll need to defeat Chums’ previous form to experience the next whenever you take him on. Other enemies in the dungeon start at level 13 and scale with your Fatemaker’s level from there.

Your Fatemaker will need to journey to Brighthoof on the Overworld and find Dreamveil Overlook to access the first of presumably four Mirrors of Mystery operated by Vesper. Taking on Mirrors of Mystery earns you Lost Souls to spend on the Wheel of Fate in Dreamveil Overlook, so remember: points win prizes. Namely some of Border… er, Wonderlands’ neverending types of weapons and gear.

Verily, what’s got me interested in taking on Chums is it’s an iron man situation. Dying once against Chums means you’re out for the count and have to replay the dungeon. 2K says the three other DLCs to come are Glutton’s Gamble, Molten Mirrors and Shattering Spectreglass, which we’ll undoubtedly find out more about at regular intervals.

Brendan wasn’t overly keen on the base game in his Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands review. “The chase for the next bazooka feels more hollow the longer it goes on, and the scattershot humour only pushes me further away,” he thoughteth. Maybe the developing challenge of Chums’ various forms will keep things more stimulating in Coiled Captors? Perchance to dream.

Coiled Captors will be included as part of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands’ season pass for £25/€30/$30, with the whole shebang currently exclusive to the ol’ Epic Game Store. It’ll also be available in the Chaotic Great Edition and sold separately, but no details on how much for the latter.

Check out our updated Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands SHiFT codes guide if you’re angling after some skeleton keys this month. Alas, poor Tina.

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