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The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles launches on PC in July

No objections here

People of the games jury, please turn your attention to The Great Ace Attorney games. Previously, these two historical lawyer 'em ups hadn't launched on PC or in English, both of which they'll be doing in The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles. This combo release has been foretold by leaks already, but there are no remaining objections now. It's official. The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles launches on PC on July 27th.

The Great Ace Attorney games send you a century back in time to debate crimes in historic fashion long before the days of your usual finger-pointing objection-haver. "Join Phoenix’s Wright’s ancestor, Ryunosuke Naruhodo, as he takes his first incredibly nervous steps into a courtroom in Meiji era Japan to defend his very first client: himself," Capcom say.

After learning the rules in Japanese court, Ryunosuke heads overseas to Europe where he'll take on new cases and a new style of courtroom debates. "While cases in Japan typically have the Defense and Prosecution argue in front of a judge, the English court system does things a bit differently by introducing a jury," Capcom explain. "Far from being passive observers, members of the jury will raise their own objections and come to their own conclusions."

Outside the courtroom, you'll have your usual Ace Attorney activities like examining crime scenes. Given the time period and location, you'll even get a hand from that deerstalker-wearing investigator of old. Yup, the name we all definitely know: Herlock Sholmes.

The Chronicles release also adds a few new features to both games. A "story mode" option will let you sit back and have the puzzles solve themselves if you just like to witness the drama. English audio will be available as well, though you can switch back to the original Japanese if you prefer. Capcom have outlined a few other goodies as well like new costumes and some art director commentary. You can study up on the rest of the facts in Capcom's announcement post.

If you've yet to give the Ace Attorney series a try, do go check out Katharine and Matthew's cross-examination style Phoenix Wright trilogy review. They've got plenty of evidence to support a case for trying them.

The Great Ace Attorney Collection will be available on Steam when it launches on July 27th, though it doesn't have a store page up over there just yet.

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