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The next Hitman 3 update will come with a PVC peacock outfit

The 'Pride' update has ostentatious add-ons, including a dragon rifle and fancy sword

I haven’t had the time to shift my mental furniture around to accommodate Hitman 3, yet. It seems like an undertaking that requires some serious focus, and right now I’m too busy playing Overwatch and watching Prodigal Son. So I confess I didn’t know that the game’s seasons were themed according to the deadly sins, which really confused me when I saw what he was wearing for the 'Pride' update. I’ve never even seen a PVC peacock suit before.

I can’t even be accused of exaggerating. Look! That’s a peacock outfit, made entirely out of non-peacock materials. The lights really do bounce off that polished three-piece, which seems entirely antithetical to 47's skulking lifestyle.

They haven’t even gotten to 'Lust' yet and here we are in a shiny, wipe-clean suit, named the 'Narcissus Suit'. In addition to it, you'll also get the 'Proud Swashbuckler', which while nice is just a fancy sword and pales in comparison to the new gun. 'The Majestic' is a dragon-shaped gun. The bullet comes out of the maw, and I half expect it to roar when fired.

This is the second part of part of a season of updates inspired by Pride. The previous update introduced a couple of new elusive targets themed around 'Greed' (and a golden suit), an Easter egg hunt, and a few featured contracts. The same is probably going to happen this time around.

The update is due to land on May 10 for all the owners of the Seven Deadly Sins DLC.

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