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The RPS Electronic Wireless Show 43

Quinns trundles up to North London again to sit around our second-rate microphone and do another cast of pod. We talk about everything from Amnesia to Civ 5 to Starcraft 2 to answering your lot twitter questions. You can download it directly from here or subscribe to it by RSS with this. Abstractly you can subscribe onon iTunes here, but it appears to be broken now. Oh noes! A breakdown of what we cover follows...

00:00 Intro music! Borrowed from The Duloks. Hail the Duloks!
00:25 Kieron and Quinns have a little think about the time of a year on Mars.
02:30 Quinns has been off chatting to the Civ 5 developers and going from a mod-maker to a lead designer in 5 years.
04:30 And straight onto the game of the moment and Amnesia. Quinns reviewing it! Just buy it!
07:47 And a break in conversation into the use of the phrase "it appears" in pen and paper RPGs. Also, namechecking The Enemy Within and Knights of the Dinner table.
09:30 Back to Amnesia, with a couple of feature ideas Kieron has which he may or may not write. The functioning of fear! Re-inventing the adventure game! The developers' enormous mighty balls. Also, other developers with mighty balls.
15:10 Quinns talks about Starcraft 2 and how he's better at it than PC Gamer and how he's going to keep that fact true by refusing to ever play him again. Kieron drags out his old Speedball II anecdote too. Again.
18:00 And how we're looking forward to Ruse and its lack of DRM, despite having never played it.
19:37 And Chime! Including mocking bald-headed techno-men and discussion of Charity.
22:45 Onto Recettear which neither Quinns or Alec have played and/or can pronounce. Or spell. We don't let these things get the way of actually talking about it. Capitalism ho!
28:10 We chew over the Mass Effect 2 stats and how many hits we got from it. Capitalism Ho! It soon segues into general wibbling about Mass Effect 2.
33:00 We try and talk about Dragon Age and totally fail. Sort of segues into a talk about what the nature of PC and console games. We are totally our comment thread.
36:50 "It's not that PC Gamers fancy women - it's Console gamers want to fuck lizards. You heard it here first".
37:00 We move directly to you folk's questions. We start off with Quinns' revealing his lack of education and pretty much goes downhill from here. Kieron's synopsis of The Tempest is equally laughable. As is his description of Tempest.
40:00 Why Solium Infernum is perfect to play in Winter.
41:30 Duke Nukem Forever (Inevitably).
43:57 Our memories of Armed Assault 2. Is it the best co-op game ever? Also, conversation segues to Soldner and the original Operation Flashback, inevitably falling into discussion of bugs.
48:50 We try and work out what the question "Is Duke Nukem a backwards step for the games industry" means and then move onto what Podcasts we listen to. Here's Irrational Interviews which we chat about.
52:00 Ever fancy development? No, basically. And some fun stuff about why Firaxis believe programmer/designers are tops.
56:00 Why are gamers horrible misogynists?
57:50 Go Jokero! Go Jokero!
59:30 Does free-to-play mean the death of narrative? In short: no, probably. Leads to talk about how to make Mass Effect 2 work in a free-to-play model.
1:00:02 And we decide to shut the fuckit up.

You can also listen to it RIGHT HERE.

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