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The RPS Electronic Wireless Show 44

It’s Christmas in September! During the RPS summit yesterday the lot of us somehow found time in our packed schedule of shouting and dueling to do a podcast, making this the first RPS Electronic Wireless Show to feature five whole RPS writers. Hopefully hearing all five of us speak at the same time will finally dispel the rumours that John Walker is a character created and voiced by Kieron, Kieron is nothing but a fiction written by Alec Meer, and that I am a figment of John’s imagination. Download the podcast here, subscribe to it via RSS here, or get it on iTunes from here, abstractly, except it's still not updating for no discernible reason. You can manually add the RSS feed to Itunes though, which works perfectly. Meticulous timetabling of our conversation follows…

00:01 – An intro jingle! We have an intro jingle now. Tell your friends!
00:04 – Alec tries rapping over the intro jingle. We probably won’t have an intro jingle anymore.
01:22 – I didn’t actually know what an “AGM” was at this point, but didn’t want to seem stupid while we were recording.
02:55 – John attempts to prove he is not, in fact, a bad healer. All are unconvinced.
05:57 – We’ve finally played IGF winner Monaco! The countless tentacles of our conversation begin to ensnare the experience.
06:37 – “There’s nothing worse than a boob in a dungeon.” “A gelatinous boob!” “RUN!”
08:30 – Alec tells the amazing story of how he got banned from a Burger King in Swansea.
11:00 – John’s been playing a strategy game this week. Really? When? We get to the bottom of this madness.
13:00 – Jim thinks all games should have inventories, even if they don’t need them. What? Why? We get to the bottom of this madness.
13:41 – John thinks all games would be improved with a double jump. We ignore this and start making fun of him.
16:52 – We talk through the individual classes we all played in Monaco.
22:50 – Kieron, Jim and I have been playing Ruse. Alec and John don’t care. We are given precisely 2 minutes to talk about why more people should be interested in it.
25:40 – Alec and I have been playing Civilization. We are given a meagre 14 hours to talk about it.
27:17 – I talk about my most recent game of Civ V for what feels like at least 11 hours.
29:51 – John’s been playing Holiday recently. We ask him what kind of game that is.
34:06 - Kieron's been playing Mafia 2! Not because he wants to play the game or anything, but because he wants to test a theory regarding the objectivity of game mechanics and the subjectivity of videogame narratives. Oh, Kieron.
37:41 - John delivers the most underwhelmed "Right" ever. If you listen carefully, you can actually hear his eyes rolling in their sockets.
38:40 - Mafia 2 spoilers begin... a heated discussion of its more flawed plot points takes place...
43:14 - ...and Mafia 2 spoilers end.
43:26 - And we end with a sly dig about everyone's favourite PC gaming solution.

You can also listen to it right here:

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