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Get the 49-in Samsung CRG9 ultrawide for £300 off today

Take home this absolute unit of a gaming monitor for £799, a historic low price by some margin

Right, this is a big one - and I mean that quite literally. The Samsung CRG9, one of hardware honcho Katharine's favourite ultrawide monitors, has seen a massive discount in Amazon's Gaming Week Sale, a reduction so large that the monitor itself appears small by comparison.

The 49" CRG9 is now available for £799, some £300 below its recommended retail price and by far the cheapest we've ever seen this model - in fact, it's rare to see it below £1000!

For your investment, you get a 5120x1440 32:9 monitor that operates at a crisp 120Hz and offers a DisplayHDR 1000 certification - meaning that HDR games and videos look incredible, with retina-searing brightness and gorgeous colours available on tap. It's also FreeSync and G-Sync compatible, letting you smooth out uneven frame-rates without the sluggish feel of traditional v-sync.

Ultrawide monitors look fantastic, with a level of immersion that has to be seen to be believed, but super-wide monitors like this one take it to another level - and you'll find plenty of evidence for that in the breathless excitement of Katharine's CRG9 review. In fact, when she tested the ostensibly better (and way more expensive) Odyssey G9 super-wide earlier this year, she still found the CRG9 to be the better buy - and that's saying a lot for a monitor that costs literally £550 less.

Now, £799 is still a lot of money, don't get me wrong - but perhaps you're thinking about the value of this monitor in a "one monitor" frame of mind. Instead, think about this: this 49-inch monitor is the same size as two 27-inch monitors side-by-side. Loads of people have 27-inch monitors, and paying £400 for a good 1440p 120Hz one is pretty reasonable, right?

Except there are no gaming monitors available for £400 that also have a DisplayHDR 1000 certification - not a single one. The best you'll find are DisplayHDR 600 monitors, but these tend to be 4K 60Hz screens without local dimming - bit of a nightmare and not really in the same ballpark. So: yes, lots of money to spend on a monitor, but you do get something quite unique in return.

If you're after a single monitor that can do it all, from crushing spreadsheets to experiencing the best ultrawide games on the planet, then this £799 49" absolute unit could be just what you're looking for. Just make sure your desk can take it!

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