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The Sims 4's Growing Together expansion trailer explains how families work

Via bickering, mostly

The Sims 4's will add infants in a free update on March 14th, but just two days later the Growing Together expansion will arrive. It aims to expand lifetime milestones for more than just children, as well as adding new complexity to relationship dynamics. You'll find a trailer explaining exactly how it all works below.

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The Michaelsons are a new family and residents of a new seaside city, San Sequoia. They operate as a showcase for Growing Together's new 'Family Dynamics', whereby family relationships are newly complicated by social chemistry settings. These simulate sibling rivalries, generational conflict, and can be set by players during Sim creation. Whatever you choose, you can then play peacekeeper or drama director.

These same sorts of dynamics can also play out with new sims your clan meet while out and about. They might meet someone they instantly click with, or they might meet someone who becomes an enemy for life.

Growing Together will launch on March 16th at 10am PT/6pm GMT. It'll cost $40/£35 when it does. The Sims 4 itself went free-to-play late last year. That means you'll be able to play with the new infants update, which turns the pre-walking phase into a full sim with its own needs, wants and stinky nappies, for the price of zilch.

Expansions aside, EA Maxis are currently in early stages of making The Sims 5. If you can't wait for that and expansions are too pricey, we've also recently published a list of the best Sims 4 mods.

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