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The Solidigm P44 Pro 1TB is down to $60 at Newegg

A new low-water mark for a high-end gaming SSD.

The Solidigm P44 Pro 1TB is one of my favourite SSDs, as it offers PCIe 4.0 speeds and excellent power efficiency while also being quite affordable. Recently we covered the drive hitting $65, and now we've reached a new milestone at Newegg - $60!

The Solidigm P44 Pro is the creation of SK Hynix, a Korean flash memory manufacturer best known for producing components for RAM and SSDs. The firm now seems to be more interested in producing its own products, and as a result it is hitting some fairly aggressive price points compared to other options - often delivering performance equivalent to other giants like WD and Samsung while costing significantly less.

The P44 Pro, the star of today's deal, therefore takes on other high-end SSDs like the WD SN850x and Samsung 990 Pro. It delivers surprisingly good performance that's more than in the same ballpark, while also consuming much less power than an average SSD of this class. That means you can actually extend the battery life of your laptop by replacing its original SSD with this alternative, in addition to (presumably) giving you more space and faster speeds.

I've been using this drive in a recent review laptop and I've continued to be impressed with its performance, even when recording 4K video directly to the drive or loading up famously lengthy games like Skyrim with tons of mods installed.

For more information, check out our recommendations of the best gaming SSDs, and look out for more PC deals next week as we enter Prime Day 2023!

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