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The ultimate Steam Deck Micro SD card is down to £122 for a massive 1TB size

The SanDisk Extreme Pro offers top performance, now at a discount.

The ultimate Steam Deck Micro SD card just went on sale. SanDisk's Extreme Pro lineup offers pretty much the best performance you can find in the UHS-1 Micro SD category, with read speeds up to 200MB/s and write speeds of 140MB/s, and now the massive 1TB model is down to £122 at Amazon - that's significantly cheaper than upgrading from the base-level Steam Deck to the top-level 512GB option, yet provides double the storage, an awesome deal.

For context, this same Micro SD card was selling for £200+ as recently as December, with prices in the £160 region for most of February, so this is a significant reduction on this top-tier memory card.

Of course, the high-end specs of this model also make it a good shout for other use cases, from digital cameras and drones to smartphones and the Nintendo Switch, but I'm sure you can guess why I wanted to highlight the Steam Deck use case first. (I'm part of Luke Westaway's exclusive gang of Steam Deck users, called the Steam Rollers, obviously.)

It is possible to spend less and still get a nice 1TB card, though. We found that, in terms of out-and-out game load times, there's surprisingly little in it between the top options, and the likes of the SanDisk Ultra and Integral Ultima Pro typically cost less - worth keeping in mind in case the Extreme Pro sells out at the deal price and you need a backup option. However, these cards will take longer when it comes to copying game files to and from them, so the Extreme Pro is worth picking up if you can swing it!

Stay tuned for more deals coming soon, and thanks for reading this one! We do it all for the fans.

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