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They Are Billions strategises in a steampunk zombie apocalypse

There really are lots

Video games certainly went za-za for zombies a few years back, during a time when we could kinda sorta still daydream that the annihilation of the human race won't be caused by greed and hubris, but that's no reason to discount every game with zombies in it. Look at They Are Billions, an interesting-looking real-time strategy game which sends thousands of the shambling devils against you and your steampunk settlements. It launched into early access last week and slammed right into Steam's top 10, which is quite an accomplishment. Go on, let's have a peek.

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Ooh that's not bad!

So! It's the steampunk post-apocalypse, after humanity is almost entirely zombified. We take control of building and defending colonies, building them up to house people, gather resources, and build an army including some big ol' steampunk mechs. The zombies, ah, they want to make more friends for themselves. The devs boast that the game can have up to 20,000 zombies around at once, roaming and reacting to your actions. There certainly are lots of them.

While it is a real-time strategy game, They Are Billions does let players pause at any times to issue orders and whatnot - handy if your brain or fingers are slower than the undead hordes.

In its initial early access state, They Are Billions only has a Survival Mode. A story-driven Campaign Mode is coming, which developers Numantian Games (who previously made Lords of Xulima, an RPG our John quite enjoyed) expect to add in spring 2018. But of course do remember this is early access, and they say development will go on longer if the game needs it.

They Are Billions £17.54/€20.60/$22.49 on Steam Early Access, which includes a 10% launch discount for the next day. Hit the game's site for more information.

I'll have to put this on my 'to play over Christmas' list.

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