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This 144Hz G-Sync Compatible LG monitor is just £192 right now

A great alternative to the AOC 24G2U.

My best gaming monitor recommendation, the excellent AOC 24G2U has been pretty difficult to get hold of here in the UK for a number of months now, with prices steadily creeping upwards as stock levels continue to dwindle. Happily, a very good alternative has recently sprung into view in the form of LG's 24GL650, which is one of Nvidia's officially certified
G-Sync Compatible monitors with a 144Hz refresh rate and is now down to £192 over at Ebuyer.

The discount itself isn't massive, as Ebuyer have only technically knocked a tenner off its normal price of £202, but it's a lot cheaper than what you'll find over on Amazon, where it still goes for £218. Plus, according to my Amazon price tracker, this is the cheapest it's been for quite some time. It briefly dipped to £190 back in March, but has otherwise been stuck at £200 or above before and since, making it a good time to pick it up in you're in need of a new high refresh rate gaming monitor whose variable refresh rate tech will play nicely with AMD and Nvidia graphics cards alike.

I should note that I haven't tested this exact model personally, but its official G-Sync Compatible certification provides a lot of reassurance when it comes to overall image quality. Not only does it mean that this AMD Freesync screen will work brilliantly with Nvidia graphics cards, but Nvidia also don't certify panels that don't meet their high colour reproduction criteria, so I'm pretty confident this display's TN panel should look pretty good if you decide to take the plunge. Besides, our friends at Digital Foundry named its fancier 27in sibling, the 27GL850, as their best gaming monitor pick, so I'd be very surprised if the 24GL650 didn't live up to the same kind of standard.

Best of all, it has a height-adjustable stand, which is a real rarity on sub-£200 monitors these days, and is part of the reason why I like the AOC 24G2U so much (that and it has an incredible panel, of course). Plus, if the AOC's black and red colour scheme isn't quite to your taste, then the LG's all-black design should be right up your street.

So, if you're looking for a 1920x1080 monitor with a 144Hz refresh rate that doesn't break the bank, then the LG 24GL650 is a great buy while we wait for the AOC to come back in stock.

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