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This advanced IGZO-IPS 1440p 180Hz gaming monitor is down to $179

The Monoprice SAVE25 coupon code returns.

Yesterday we covered a rather excellent US monitor deal from Monoprice - that unfortunately not everyone was able to snag in time. Today we're giving it another go, as we have another excellent deal using the same SAVE25 code, but this time for a higher-tier 1440p 180Hz IGZO-IPS monitor. With the code, this monitor costs just $179 shipped, an excellent price for this spec.

The advantage of this monitor is that it basically offers a high-end, all-around gaming monitor experience at a significantly lower price than its competitors - and with an extra $25 off, that gets taken to the extreme. Reviews for the monitor are extremely positive, so even without having tested it ourselves I feel confident in writing up this deal post!

The 1440p resolution is a great fit for a 27-in monitor, offering a good degree of clarity without the diminishing returns of 4K, and being relatively easy to drive with even a mid-range GPU. Remember, 1440p has 77% more pixels than 1080p, whereas 4K has 300% more pixels - making it significantly harder for your graphics card to keep up!

It's also rare to see a 180Hz refresh rate, which goes beyond the typical 120Hz, 144Hz and 165Hz options. You aren't going to see a massive increase in clarity from the extra refresh rate over 165Hz for example, but at 180Hz (or 5.6ms between screen refreshes) you're much closer to 240Hz (4.2ms) than 120Hz (8.3ms) - which is pretty impressive. FreeSync and G-Sync are also supported, even though the monitor isn't certified for either - so you may need to manually engage G-Sync in the Nvidia control panel the first time you use it.

The panel used here is also impressive, with Sharp IGZO-backlit IPS panels typically being only seen in older higher-end monitors. You get good motion handling characteristics alongside excellent viewing angles and colour reproduction, making this a reasonable choice for content creation and video consumption alongside the obvious gaming use cases. The only downside of this IGZO-IPS panel is that it reportedly comes with a BGR subpixel arrangement, the opposite of the usual RGB. If this is indeed the case, you may want to flip the monitor upside-down using a VESA mount, or adjust Windows' ClearType text rendering to account for the difference. This shouldn't be noticeable for most people anyway, especially while gaming, but it's worth keeping in mind regardless.

monoprice screenshot showing a $178.99 price for this monitor

Finally, I also like the inclusion of a USB-C port, which can be used with the Steam Deck, Switch and many laptops for video, audio and charging at the same time. The rest of the monitor's design is more standard, with RGB lights (that can be easily disabled) on the bottom corners and a stable but relatively inflexible stand. Thankfully, a 100x100 VESA mount is also provided.

I reckon this is a very strong option for the money, so if you do pick one up let me know how you find it!

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