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This full-size Razer optical-mechanical keyboard is down to £80 from £200

Complete with optional RGB lighting, wrist rest and volume wheel.

The Razer Huntsman Elite is one of the company's best mechanical keyboards, courtesy of advanced opto-mechanical switches, a comfy palm rest and full-size UK layout, but its RRP of £200 is enough to put off even the most craven mechanical keyboard enthusiasts. Today though, Amazon UK has discounted the board to just 80 of your British pounds, a 60% reduction that brings it below some of the best value gaming keyboards. That's an awesome price for a full-size UK layout with this kind of tech on board.

The Huntsman Elite hasn't yet had an RPS outing, but its predecessor the Huntsman was rather liked by erstwhile Hardware Editor and current Big Boss Katharine. This is a clicky keyboard, make no doubt about it, but I rather like that - every keystroke feels like a Big Deal, and when you get into a nice typing rhythm the clatter of the keys is as pleasant a report as you'll find in life.

The combination of the audible click and the tactile feedback from each key makes typing accurately easier, while a unique-to-Razer stabiliser on every key ensures every press sends the key straight down without wobbling. This makes the keyboard feel much better put together than many of its peers. And the fact that each switch uses light to detect a keypress, rather than a traditional mechanism, means you get a longer working life (100 million clicks, or twice that of an average mechanical keyboard) and better responsiveness as well.

Outside of the core typing experience, there's plenty of boxes ticked in terms of features - and ticked well. The included leatherette wrist rest is comfortable and clicks into place easily using the power of magnets, the RGB lighting is easy to control (or set to a single colour or disable), and there's a convenient volume wheel within easy reach of your right hand. Macros can be set up in Synapse or using the keyboard itself, while media keys make skipping tracks super-convenient too. There's a game mode that locks out your 'crap, didn't mean to press that' keys like Windows and Alt+F4, and you can download all your settings to the keyboard itself, so it's set up just how you like it no matter what computer you're using.

In any case, this is an awesome price of the Huntsman Elite, and it's well worth checking out some reviews then picking this up if you're in the market for a full-size gaming keyboard with some swanky features.

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