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Time to upgrade to 4K? With these Amazon Spring sale gaming monitor deals, maybe

High resolutions, high refresh rates, surprisingly low prices

The LG UltraGear 27GR93U gaming monitor.
Image credit: LG

I’m not saying it’s some kind of electronic commerce conspiracy orchestrated by Big Graphics Card, but I’ve noticed that most of the best Amazon Spring sale deals on gaming monitors are for 4K screens. On the one hand, aww, because everyone likes a bargain 1440p-er. On the other, woo, because gaming-spec 4K monitors are usually some of the most financially devastating PC hardware pieces you can get. Anything that makes these super-sharp displays more affordable is, therefore, quite welcome. 160Hz, UHD visuals for £399? Sure, why not.

My top two picks for the UK crowd are the AOC Gaming U27G3X and the LG UltraGear 27GR93U, which have been slashed to £399 and £420 respectively. Both are 27in diagonally, which isn’t terribly vast by 4K standards, but they’re fully equipped for games, with quick refresh rates and combined Freesync and G-Sync compatibility. The slightly faster U27G3X would appear to be the better-value of the two, but personally I’d spend a couple of tenners more on the UltraGear 27GR93U. What can I say – I’m a sucker for the responsiveness of an LG IPS panel. Nicer stand, too.

UK deals:

AOC Gaming U27G3X - £399 (was £489)

27in, 3840x2160, 160Hz, IPS panel, Adaptive Sync

LG UltraGear 27GR93U - £420 (was £550)

27in, 3840x2160, 144Hz, IPS panel, AMD Freesync Premium

Over in the States, Acer’s Predator XB283K is down to $430, more than $100 off its list price. This, too, has all the gaming features you’d want and expect, and at 28in it’s a touch more spacious than the UK’s best offerings. Also, it’s not on the same level of value of affordability, but this seems like a good place to highlight the Samsung Odyssey G70B. This 32in, full-blooded 4K monitor has plummeted from $1000 to $600, which also happens to be $50 less than it was yesterday, when Amazon’s Spring sale launched. If this model catches your eye, I’d grab it quickly, before it potentially scoots back up.

US deals:

Acer Predator XB283K - $430 (was $540)

28in, 3840x2160, 144Hz, IPS panel, AMD Freesync Premium

Samsung Odyssey G70B - $600 (was $1000)

32in, 3840x2160, 144Hz, IPS panel, AMD Freesync Premium Pro

The usual 4K caveats apply: do not buy unless your GPU can handle it. Ideally something like an RTX 3080 or an RTX 4070 Super, the latter of which can make up framerates even more with DLSS 3.

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