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Stomp Stomp: Titanfall 2 Released

Get yr stomp on

Stomp stomp bompity bomp bomp, goes the big robot. Titanfall 2 [official site] launched overnight, bringing more FPS antics with parkouring soldiers and honking great mechs armed with megaguns and power swords. Adam has strapped himself into a robot's tummy (and in the game) to play so he can tell us all Wot He Thinks, and should be sharing some preliminary thoughts on its campaign late today. All I need to know is: gosh dang it, its mega-chunky revolver is a high-level unlock this time around too. But I want it so much.

Like its ma, Titanfall 2 is a first-person shooter combining big stompy mechs with teensy soldiers who run (and parkour) around on foot. This time around, it's got a singleplayer campaign as well as all that multiplayer.

I realise persistent progression with unlocks is standard for modern multiplayer shooters but bah, I want cool guns now. Frustration over that was part of why I stopped playing the original Titanfall. If a game's foundations are strong enough, it shouldn't need to reserve cool stuff to dangle as carrots before hungry players - playing should be reward enough. I mean, I'll still probably pick it up if Adam gives the thumbs-up but grumble grumble, I'm an old woman. My legs are grey, my ears are gnarled, my eyes are old and bent...

Oh! Here's Adam shooting me a screenshot of the options menu:

Titanfall 2 is £49.99/$59.99 from Origin. It's published by Electronic Arts, see, so it's not on other digistores. In a welcome change from the first game, all maps and modes released after launch will be free for all players - not paid DLC.

As for bugs and problems, a wee troubleshooting FAQ is up on the forums.

Here's the launch trailer, titled 'Become One', which boasts an awkward fraghungry rewriting of Cher's Bang Bang. Mate, if you're making a trailer about the fusion of human and machine and naming it that, I don't see how you can't use a bit of Spice Girls. At the end, rather than walking side-by-side in explodeland, the man could give the robot's nose a little kiss.

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