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Titanfall 2 adding two new maps free next week

Smooth landing

Titanfall 2 pilots – you're in luck. The game's getting a free update next week (27 June) called The War Games, which adds two maps and a few new features.

If that DLC title sounds familiar then that's because it's named after a map from the original Titanfall, War Games, which will now be available in the sequel. It's a simulated high-rise city where you can scamper across windows and on top of huge garages. I have fond memories of wall-running around the buildings in the first game, so I'm excited that it's coming back.

It also adds a new map for the Live Fire mode, which launched in February. In that mode, pilots have to go without the mechanised titans that have made the series famous and run around on foot for one-minute elimination rounds. The new map, called Traffic, looks like a post-apocalyptic version of the M25 and promises "dense cover... with room for snipers to hide in the back fields".

Traffic Titanfall 2

Other tweaks announced on the development blog include the addition of a third weapon slot, so players will be able to carry a primary, secondary, and anti-titan weapon simultaneously. The titan-only Titan Brawl mode will be added to the permanent list of game modes, and there's a new execution animation for finishing enemies off. There's more game balances to be revealed in the full patch notes, which will be out in the next few days.

If you haven't played Titanfall 2 yet it's well worth checking out. The single player got all the praise but the multiplayer is rock solid. Here, read Adam's review if you don't believe me. If you want to pick it up it's £25 on Origin, and it has a free demo.

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