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Get your kicks on Route 66 in Trials Rising's first expansion

24 new tracks

If you ever plan to motor west, don't just take the highway - do a triple flip over the highway while on fire, that's the best. Trials Rising hit Route 66 in its first expansion, released today, with two dozen new tracks across the iconic running from Chicago to Los Angeles. Pass through--and over--big cities, one-stoplight towns, ghost towns, the Grand Canyon, Santa Monica Pier, and more. Seeing as Trials Rising is basically, like, more Trials (with an added unpleasant slap of grind) and Trials is good, Sixty-Six being more Trials Rising is... probably good?

The 'Sixty-Six' expansion brings 24 new tracks with 2 stadium finishes and 2 minigames, spanning the 2500 miles of what was Route 66 until it fell into disuse and was often bypassed by highways and now lives mostly as an erratically-signposted tourism route populated by ghosts of what it once was. That's the American Dream for you.

Sixty-Six is available now for Rising as a single DLC lump on Steam and the Ubisoft Store for £6.69 (nice). It also comes as part of the Expansion Pass, which costs £17/€20/$20 on Steam and the Ubishop and will also get you a load of cosmetic gubbins and the 'Crash & Sunburn' expansion that'll span the Southern Hemisphere from Peru to Antarctica.

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If RedLynx need ideas for a follow-up expansion, I suggest following Billy Bragg's lead. His song A13 (Trunk Road to the Sea) took Bobby Troup's (Get Your Kicks on) Route 66 to familiar ground, and Trials should next stuntrace across England's iconic route through East London and Essex.

Be launched out of a cannon at the Tower of London to the starting line in Aldgate, smash through bus stops thronged by people who fell asleep on the night bus and woke up in Barking, climb the cranes of Dagenham Docks, weave through fights outside Envy nightclub in Bas Vegas, battle the glurping marsh of Pitsea, race the length of Southend Pier while it catches fire once again, and end by crashing into a big bin in Shoeburyness.

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