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Trios return to Call of Duty: Warzone after only two days

Four's a crowd

Three really is the magic number, ain't it? At least, that seems to be the case in battle royale, as the Call Of Duty: Warzone devs discovered this week. Not two days after bumping Warzone up to Quads, a playlist update rolled three-person squads back into the 150-player deathmatch. How many friends did you think I have, anyway?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's third season brought a wealth of new stuff to play around with in both flavours of multiplayer - regular and battle royale. Three new maps, a few new guns, a handful of cosmetics, that sorta stuff. But one of its more surprisingly contentious changes was in upping the Warzone squad limit from three to four.

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Warzone players, for their part, didn't seem super thrilled about that. A mere two days after Season 3 hit, Infinity Ward announced in a Tweet that a playlist update was adding Trios back into Battle Royale with its own playlist alongside Quads and Solos.

Notably, Trios won't return to Plunder - Warzone's cash grabbin' not-battle-royale mode (cheers, VG247). A small glitch briefly meant that the Trios playlist was using old loot tables, but that's since been patched up.

It might seem a daft thing to get hung up on, but changing squad sizes can have dramatic knock-on effects on the greater flow of battle royale rounds. With even one more player per team, you're looking at fewer teams, more drawn-out engagements, or the simple hassle of having to find a fourth mate to fill out the cap.

'Course, having more bodies to hide behind opens up more options for splitting the party, covering each other's back or going on a roaring four-person helicopter rampage. The option's still there if you want to drop in Quads - just make sure those extra teammates are clued up on our 70 tips for consistently winning matches.

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