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Two Point Hospital's Bigfoot DLC outdoes Christmas crackers at bad puns

If the puns don't hurt, you might be dead.

While Big Foot would be a thematically appropriate ailment for Theme Hospital successor Two Point Hospital, they're playing it straight and just referring to the abominable snowman. In Bigfoot, a chunk of winter-themed DLC released today by Two Point Studios, you've been hired by local snow-ape-thing Bartholomew F. Yeti to renovate the hospitals up in The Pointy Mountains. The expansion adds a new snowy environment, three missions and thirty-four new illnesses to cure, including nine which are big daft sight-gags. An unsurprisingly silly trailer is below.

Never ones to back down from a bad joke, it sounds like Two Point have gone ham on the awful puns. Among the diseases listed for this DLC are Cold Shoulder, Bard Flu and Aurora Snorealis, which presumably only afflicts people at this time of year, in this part of the country. Other things to cure include Barking Mad, Mechanical Metropolism, Knightmares and the all-too common Monster Mishmash. You'll have to fix all these while pleasing the yeti himself, who like in SkiFree will swoop down to scrutinise how well run the building is. Okay, maybe not much like SkiFree.

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The three new hospitals are an unusual trio. The Underlook Hotel has you creating an all-new medical facility attached to an under-performing (and possibly cursed) resort hotel. Thankfully, curses pay well, so your costs will be covered for the first three months. The second is the isolated Swelbard research hospital, which apparently only attracts the unqualified, desperate or unskilled for staff. Lastly, Roquefort Castle has you building hospital facilities within the massive meandering halls of an ancient fortress, making for some very long hikes unless you plan well in advance.

Two Point Hospital: Bigfoot is out now on Steam and Humble, and costs £6.29/€8.09/$8.09. It's published by Sega, whose hedgehog mascot is presumably hibernating right now.

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