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Ubisoft's Immortals Fenyx Rising ventures out this December

Breath Of The Olympians.

Update: Read our preview for Alice B's thoughts on the game.

What was once Gods And Monsters is now officially Immortals Fenyx Rising. While we've known for a bit already, Ubisoft christened the name with a renewed announcement trailer during tonight's Ubisoft Forward stream - reintroducing their open-world hack n' slash with a December release date

The name's still a bit naff, but hey. It's nice to get a proper look at their Olympian adventure for the first time since its announcement last year.

That trailer was followed by a gameplay overview vid, giving us a deeper look at Ubisoft's take on Breath Of The Wild - and dang, it really does look like a big Greek Zelda. There's a huge, stylish open world to hack and slash and puzzle your way through, with four main stories to plug through before striking at the glowing castle in the center of the world. Bloody hell, they even have that cliff-climbing shot straight off Zelda's box-art.

There are a few neat twists on the format, though. Zeus and Prometheus will be narrating your tale, bickering with each other as they do so, helping sell the idea of playing an ancient epic. You'll also get to completely customise your Fenyx' look, choosing their gender, skin colour, hair, and all. Ubisoft are pretty good at this open-world lark, mind, and it'll be interesting to see their take on BOTW's ideas. Besides, if all else fails, you can also fly. Handy, in a pinch.

Immortals Fenyx Rising will launch on Epic Games and Uplay on December 3rd.

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