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Ubisoft’s Summer Sale gets better if you buy Rainbow Six Siege as well

Ubi planning on buying anything?

It's only been a couple of weeks since Ubisoft's US store had their big Legendary Sale, but now they've morphed their mythical season of discounts into an even bigger Summer Sale with savings of up to 80% off – a full 5% improvement on last time. While most of the prices will feel familiar to anyone who dug around last time, there is an interesting new quirk here: if you add Rainbow Six: Siege Gold or Ultimate editions to your cart, you’ll get a further 20% off everything else in your shopping basket.

Running from now until June 17th in the US, there are 155 games that have been discounted this time – an increase on the 108 reduced in the Legendary Sale – but naturally that number includes a lot of duplicates and various special editions. There are also some restrictions on the Summer Sale. You can't save on pre-orders (sorry, Assassin's Creed Valhalla fans) or get discounts, virtual currency packs and any games that have come out in the last three months, but otherwise everything else is pretty much fair game (if you'll pardon the pun). You can also nab 20% off any Ubisoft merch with the code SUMMERFUN at checkout if anything tickles your fancy.

As I mentioned above, a lot of the biggest games are on sale for exactly the same amount as they were during the Legendary Sale. Assassin's Creed Odyssey is 67% off again, taking it down to just under $20, as is The Division 2, with its standard edition setting you back all of $9.90 like before.

However, there are some games that are slightly cheaper than before, such as Anno 1800 (which is now 55% off instead of 50%) and Watch Dogs 2 (now 80% off instead of 70%), as well as some new additions such as Assassin's Creed Oranges for 80% off.

So, if you missed out on the deals fun last time, at least you've got another chance to nab these games at some of their lowest prices yet. I've included a list of all the big name standard editions below, but they all have fancy-schmancy Gold, Deluxe or Ultimate versions available as well if you fancy getting the season pass and all their various extras thrown in at the same time.

Depending on which games you have your eye on, then, it may be worth adding the Rainbow Six Siege Gold pack to your basket for that additional 20% saving - particularly if you end up enjoying its upcoming free weekend. However, when said edition currently costs $27.49 (which is already 50% off its normal price), you may end up spending more than you save in the process, so make sure you do the maths on that extra 20% before you check out to make sure it's worth it.

Still, even without the extra 20% discount, these are still some pretty great savings all the same, so go forth and fill your boots until June 17th.

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