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Ultimate Audio Bang podcast: our favourite online shooters of E3 2021

Oh Halo there

On this episode of Ultimate Audio Bang, Imogen and I comb through the shrapnel left by the E3 explosion. There is lots! A charred Randy Pitchford, lots of games like Left 4 Dead, and shooters like Stalker 2, which we have no history with, but it sure look nice.

We also talked a bit about pre-E3 stuff and some stuff not really related to E3, like Warzone Season 4 and Overwatch getting crossplay. But mainly, we chatted about the shooters that got us all hot and bothered at E3. Imogen liked the look of Rainbow Six: Extraction and I thought Halo: Infinite's multiplayer hit the mark. Did I mention E3 was on?

I reckon this week's Names bit is one of our best yet. Mainly because I learned a lot about myself, my ignorance, and Imogen's nan.

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