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Ultra-violent Nazi shooter Wolfenstein II is out now

Nazi America

It’s Bash-the-Fash Friday in the corridors of RPS today. Some of us are celebrating by playing Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, which is out now in case you didn’t notice. Our Adam liked the dystopian shooter , enough to say it was “a hair’s breadth away from being one of my favourite singleplayer action games of all time”. Crikey.

We’ve already told you about the system requirements, so there’s no need to look so lost and confused. If what you’re actually looking for is some multiplayer, well, you're not getting any. It would 'dilute' the storytelling, say Machine Games. Do you like that I’m basically regurgitating all our recent coverage so I can flesh out this simple reminder-post? I hope so. Because here’s a chunk of Adam’s Wolfenstein 2 review:

“The whole game is spinning a lot of plates, though perhaps it’s more like juggling chainsaws. From the opening scenes, it’s brutal in both its language and its depiction of violence. Domestic abuse, virulent racism, innocents harmed and murdered. That it then spins off into grindhouse grit and slapstick comedy, before pinballing into melancholy, dread, romance and sentimentality is absurd. I found it to be brilliantly absurd, and laughed, cringed and cried (yes, I cried while playing a Wolfenstein game; 2017 is weird), but be prepared for some real horrors alongside all of the imagined ones.”

Bash-the-Fash Friday is an artificial day, of course, invented to make us workers more placid and accepting of our cog-like roles in society. Not at all like Meaningless Marketing Monday.

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