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Unspottable challenges you to be a convincing NPC

Robots in disguise

The RPS VidBuds have put up a bunch of let's plays as part of Rezzed Digital, as this year's iteration of the usual Indies Uncovered stream, and they've already found some solid games in the pack. But one of the surprise standouts from the bunch, for me at least, is Unspottable.

I hadn't heard of Unspottable before, but after watching VidBud Matthew and Hardware Queen Katharine play together, I am both impressed and intrigued. It's a multiplayer versus game where you have to blend in with a group of identical NPC robots (or robits, as is more correct), whilst also trying to spot which robits are your fellow players. Once you think you have spotted an interloper, you must deal with them in the traditional manner of dealing with interlopers: that is to say, you punch them a good'un.

The Castles play a best of three, but the game is probably best played with more than two players for full bants potential. It's really fascinating to watch. Several times I thought I'd spotted a fake robit, only to find out seconds later that I was staring at an NPC the whole time. It's got a bit of a SpyParty vibe to it, and more than a little Hidden In Plain Sight.

The several different game modes are interesting as well. In one, the NPC robits themselves are able to punch, potentially giving you cover for your own indiscriminate punching, but opening you up to being accidentally unmasked by an NPC - the ultimate humiliation. I enjoyed the schoolyard, where you get extra points for surreptitiously brushing past each of the four cool kids.

Your score is represented by a giant scale holding the bodies of your bested opponents, which is pretty bleak, if funny. Hopefully this hasn't caused too much strife in the Castle household. I feel I should also point out that the video above is actually of an older build - the devs have supplied footage of a more recent one here. You can take a closer look on Steam, too. If only to listen to the extremely catchy music one more time.

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