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Upgrade your old laptop with this 240GB SSD for £14

There's no excuse to use a HDD for your OS install any more.

It's no secret that there a ton of low-cost, high-speed drives out there in the world. We like to call them SSDs, and nowadays you can pick them up for extremely tiny prices. For example, this 240GB SSD from Netac is down to just £14, making it an essential upgrade for any old laptops or desktops sitting around still using mechanical hard drives.

(My family seems to exclusively use laptops that are 10 years old, and upgrading them all with SSDs has cut down my IT support requests dramatically, let me tell you.)

This particular 240GB SSD is of the SATA variety, with 530MB/s reads and 500MB/s writes - around about as fast as the SATA limit of ~550MB/s. As this is a SATA drive, we'd also expect random reads/writes to be limited, and although I can't dig up the precise specs you should expect lower loading times than NVMe SSDs - the reason why the latter make up most of the places on our top gaming SSDs roundup.

However, I guess this particular drive isn't focused on performance - it's just meant to be better than a hard drive, and with near-instant access times, no noise, better durability and significantly faster transfer speeds, it certainly ticks all the boxes.

Netac seems to be doing well carving out a niche for high-value SSDs, having previously featured on these very pages, so I'd feel comfortable picking this up - but if you'd prefer something a little more mainstream, then our SSD recommendations linked above are chock-full of the Samsungs, Crucials and WDs of the world.

Either way, thanks for joining me and catch us for another deal very soon!

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