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Valheim food and cooking: all recipes, what buffs they provide, and where to cook them

Including everything that's new in Hearth & Home, and just what's happened to the sausages

How do you cook in Valheim? Valheim has never been short on food and recipes, but with the recent Hearth & Home update, the game's cooking system has been significantly expanded and overhauled. Gone are the days when nearly every animal dropped the same generic type of meat, or when you could cook sausages without the right spices (ugh, so bland, you monster). The buffs offered by some of the original foods have also been rebalanced, so read on for an up-to-date culinary guide to Valheim.

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All recipes in Valheim and where to cook them

Valheim: edible raw foods

Characters in Valheim don't actually need to eat to survive (this is an afterlife, after all), but food can provide Health and Stamina buffs that can mean the difference between (un)life and (another) death when in combat. At its most basic level, you can forage foods from the game's various biomes, or cultivate crops in your base. Some — though not all — of these raw ingredients can be eaten as you find them for a low-level buff.

Food Item Spawn Location Buffs
Bukeperry Enemy drops N/A (neutralises other active food buffs by causing your character to vomit)
Blueberry Black Forest biome 8 HP, 25 Stamina (for 600 seconds)
Carrot Cultivated from seeds found in the Black Forest biome 10 HP, 32 Stamina (for 900 seconds)
Cloudberry Plains biome 13 HP, 40 Stamina (for 900 seconds)
Honey Beehive (player base structure) 8 HP, 35 Stamina (for 900 seconds)
Mushroom Meadows, Black Forest, and Swamp biomes 15 HP, 15 Stamina (for 900 seconds)
Onion Cultivated from seeds found in the Mountains biome 13 HP, 40 Stamina (for 900 seconds)
Raspberry Meadows biome 7 HP, 20 Stamina (for 600 seconds)
Yellow Mushroom Burial Chambers, Troll Caves, and Sunken Crypts 10 HP, 30 Stamina (for 600 seconds)

Valheim: Cooking Station recipes

The Cooking Station allows you to process raw meats into something edible. With the Hearth & Home update, gone are the days of generic meat and its slightly unappetising implications. Now the game tracks which animal you harvested a piece of meat from and provides a unique food buff accordingly.

Food Item Buffs
Cooked Boar Meat 30 HP, 10 Stamina (for 1200 seconds)
Cooked Dear Meat 35 HP, 12 Stamina (for 1200 seconds)
Cooked Fish 45 HP, 15 Stamina (for 1200 seconds)
Cooked Lox Meat 50 HP, 16 Stamina (for 1200 seconds)
Cooked Serpent Meat 70 HP, 23 Stamina (for 1500 seconds)
Cooked Wolf Meat 45 HP, 15 Stamina (for 1200 seconds)
Grilled Neck Tail 25 HP, 8 Stamina (for 1200 seconds)

Valheim: Cauldron recipes

The Cauldron has seen the most significant changes in the Hearth & Home update. In addition to getting a heap of new recipes, the Cauldron now has several upgrade levels affecting what recipes you can cook. If you're one of the many players wondering why you can't cook sausages any more, it's because you now need to upgrade your Cauldron to Level 2 (Spice Rack) and have butchered a specific animal (Boar) for its meat.

Food Item Ingredients Cauldron Level Buffs
Black Soup Bloodbag x1, Honey x1, Turnip x1 Level 1 (base) 50 HP, 17 Stamina (for 1200 seconds)
Boar Jerky Boar Meat x1, Honey x1 (yields 2) Level 1 (base) 20 HP, 20 Stamina (for 1800 seconds)
Carrot Soup Carrot x3, Mushroom x1 Level 1 (base) 15 HP, 45 Stamina (for 1500 seconds)
Deer Stew Cooked Dear Meat x1, Carrot x1, Blueberry x1 Level 1 (base) 40 HP, 13 Stamina (for 1200 seconds)
Minced Meat Sauce Boar Meat x1, Neck Tail x1, Carrot x1 Level 1 (base) 45 HP, 15 Stamina (for 1500 seconds)
Onion Soup Onion x3 Level 1 (base) 12 HP, 60 Stamina (for 1200 seconds)
Queens Jam Raspberries x8, Blueberries x6 (yields 4) Level 1 (base) 14 HP, 40 Stamina (for 1200 seconds)
Turnip Stew Turnips x3, Raw Meat x1 Level 1 (base) 18 HP, 55 Stamina (for 1500 seconds)
Muckshake Blueberries x2, Raspberries x2, Ooze x1 Level 2 (Spice Rack) 16 HP, 50 Stamina (for 1200 seconds)
Sausages Boar Meat x1, Entrails x4, Thistle x1 (yields 4) Level 2 (Spice Rack) 55 HP, 18 Stamina (for 1500 seconds)
Serpent Stew Cooked Serpent Meat x1, Mushroom x1, Honey x2 Level 2 (Spice Rack) 80 HP, 26 Stamina (for 1800 seconds)
Eyescream Greydwarf Eye x3, Freeze Gland x1 Level 3 (Butcher's Table) 21 HP, 65 Stamina (for 1500 seconds)
Wolf Jerky Wolf Meat x1, Honey x1 (yields 2) Level 3 (Butcher's Table) 30 HP, 30 Stamina (for 1800 seconds)
Wolf Skewer Wolf Meat x1, Mushroom x2, Onion x1 Level 3 (Butcher's Table) 65 HP, 13 Stamina (for 1500 seconds)
Blood Pudding Bloodbag x2, Barley Flour x4, Thistle x2 Level 4 (Pots and Pans) 23 HP, 70 Stamina (for 1500 seconds)
Bread Dough Barley Flour x10 Level 4 (Pots and Pans) N/A (finish in Stone Oven)
Fish Wraps Cooked Fish x2, Barley Flour x4 Level 4 (Pots and Pans) 70 HP, 23 Stamina (for 1500 seconds)
Uncooked Lox Pie Lox Meat x2, Cloudberries x2, Barley Flour x4 Level 4 (Pots and Pans) N/A (finish in Stone Oven)

Valheim: Stone Oven recipes

The Stone Oven is a new cooking mechanic added in Valheim's Hearth & Home update. Right now there are only two recipes that use the oven, but they do provide some of the highest food buffs in the game.

Base Dish Food Item Buffs
Bread Dough Bread 25 HP, 75 Stamina (for 1800 seconds)
Uncooked Lox Pie Lox Meat Pie 75 HP, 24 Stamina (for 1800 seconds)

You're bound to want a drink to go with all this rich Viking food, so be sure to check out our guide to brewing mead in the Fermenter. And if you'd rather order in than cook tonight, learn how to summon pre-prepared dishes using console commands with our Valheim cheats guide.

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