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Valorant has temporarily removed Raze because her ultimate is very broken

Instead of nerfing it, Riot Games have somehow managed to double her rockets

If you've played as or against Valorant's explodey agent Raze, you'll know that her ultimate ability is pretty darn strong. It's basically a massive rocket launcher that fires off a single shot, but one so powerful it can instantly kill all enemies in a decent-sized blast radius. As you might expect, it can be pretty hard to avoid, so in yesterday's Act 2 patch Riot Games put in a small nerf for it. Except, something went very wrong with said nerf, because after the patch went live, she was able to fire multiple rockets at her poor unsuspecting foes.

According to the patch notes, Raze's ultimate was just supposed to have its equip time increased, and the visual effects on the ability decreased, to make it slightly easier for enemy players to avoid getting burst.

However, here we have Cloud 9 player, Relyks, demonstrating how this patch has managed to do the exact opposite. He fires his ult once and misses his target, then magically has a second one appear in his hands, allowing him to blow up that unlucky Cypher who, rightfully, assumed the danger was gone:

The devs acknowledged shortly after that, yeah, that probably shouldn't be happening, and have temporarily disabled Raze until they can fix the problem. This isn't the only issue with this patch, either, as Riot have had to remove the Ascent map from competitive rotation for the time being due to a "faulty wall".

It's unknown right now when these issues will get fixed, because shortly after all those Tweets, Riot said the game's next patch won't go out until August 20th because the entire company is taking a week off from August 10th. It's possible they'll do a quick little patch to fix these little things over the next few days, but if not, Raze might be out of action for the next couple of weeks.

If that is the case, at least there's a brand new agent to try out while she's gone. Yesterday's update introduced Killjoy, a german engineer with lots of cute robots.

Today, Valorant is getting a new deathmatch game mode as well - fingers crossed that update is a little smoother than last night's.

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