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Valorant's new agent is a healer who throws animals at her enemies

She comes from a land down under

It looks like Valorant is getting a new healer that might take some of the pressure off of all you Sage mains this month. Last night, Riot Games gave us our first proper look at the upcoming agent, Skye. Her kit comes with a big old area heal, as well as various animals she can throw at people to blind them, and she's arriving in the tactical FPS on October 27th.

When I first saw the image of her the devs revealed yesterday, I was convinced she was going to be Scottish or Irish. You'll imagine my surprise at hearing her thick Australian accent.

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While Riot haven't given any exact details about what her abilities actually do, we can get a pretty good idea from the trailer. Her first big one appears to be an area heal that slowly regens your teammates health as long as they're stood in the big green circle emanating from Skye.

There's been a little bit of discussion as to whether this ability makes Sage, the only current healer, a useless pick. I'd disagree with that purely because Skye's area heal seems leaves her pretty vulnerable. In the video, you can see her stand still to activate the ability while hiding behind a box. It doesn't look like the sort of skill you can quickly activate mid-firefight, but it'll be interesting to see how strong the healing actually is when she arrives in a few weeks.

Her other two skills seem to involve throwing magic animals at people. She has a little bird that can be launched in the general direction of an enemy, blinding them if they look at it when it detonates. Then there's a big wolf she can conjure that charges enemy players down. This also seems like a flash ability, but it's considerably larger than the bird and looks like it might do a bit of damage, too.

Lastly, it appears as though her ultimate fires out some green blobs that float towards enemy players, revealing their locations. Overall, she seems like a pretty decent defensive character. Though, I reckon her abilities truly seem to suit holding a site on attack once the spike has already been planted.

Skye isn't the only new addition on the way to Valorant, however. The game's third Act kicks off next week on October 13th, and with it comes the freezy new map Icebox, as well as some pretty gun skins and balance tweaks for ranked play.

If you've taken a break from Valo and plan on hopping back in during Act 3, check out our Valorant guides to brush up on your skills.

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