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Vehicular Particulars: Project Cars Launches November

Almost assembled

Project Cars is a ludicrously pretty game. I'm not the kind of fellow who feels the need to have a cold shower every time a fancy car drives past but I do appreciate attractive machinery. The cars in Project Cars look more like real cars than the cars that I can see outside the window right now. As well as looking more realistic, the digital cars look far more expensive (I live just inside Salford) and are going quite a bit faster. On top of all that, the music playing in the background of the trailer gives the automobile extravaganza a far more grand and elegant air than my current choice of The Walkmen's Bows + Arrows (not as good as memory suggested). Basically, if you appreciate shiny cars going very fast then this is probably the video for you. Game's out November.

Is this what Jeremy Clarkson watches while he performs a manual gear change?

Project CARS, for those who may have forgotten, is a community-funded racing game. I know what you're thinking - all games are community-funded nowadays. Quite so. However, using a proprietary portal, Slightly Mad (they behind Need For Speed: Shift) reckon that they'll be providing backers with equity in the project.

It's out in November.

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