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Vermintide 2's next free update adds a roguelike mode

Embark on randomised adventures from next Tuesday

The cooperative ratmasher Warhammer: Vermintide 2 already has some degree of change and surprise across runs, with different enemies in different places, but it's about to go squig-wild. Developers Fatshark have announced the free Chaos Wastes update will launch next week, introducing a new mode with roguelikelike runs. Squads will set out on expeditions, fighting through a random selection of levels, picking up gear and buffs along the way, and risking a return to base if they wipe.

The expeditions into the Chaos Wastes are in search of the Citadel Of Eternity, which is what I call Ikea when I'm dragged along. They'll venture through 15 new locations, though that roguelikelike element means you won't seem the same selection on different runs, and they might come in a different order, and with different enemies, and different difficulty. Will sometimes get a choice of where you go next, too. So off you go, rambling down a random route, facing random challenges, and trying to complete three expeditions to uncover the way to the Citadel.

Along the way, the ratmashers will gather loot and buffs. Pilgrim's Coins can be used to buy enduring party-wide miracles and individual boons, or given to altars for items. Fancy loot will be up for grabs from Chests Of Trial, though they'll be guarded. New potions are in too.

The Chaos Wastes update is due to hit Vermintide 2 next Tuesday, the 20th of April. See Fatshark's Chaos Wastes page for more info on it, particularly the guides part. Sounds pretty fun! And impressive for free, after several paid expansions. Fatshark say the download will also reduce the amount of disk space the game takes.

Fatshark are also making Warhammer 40,000: Darktide, which does basically look like Vermintide in 40k. That's a perfectly respectable thing to be. Rather than the usual shiny Space Marines, we'll be fighting grimy for the Inquisition as classes including an Ogryn and some sort of shouty priest lady with a hammer. I think she's great.

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