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Vermintide 2's Outcast Engineer gives the Dwarf a bloody minigun

Halls of the Gatling King

Listen. Thwacking rats with a giant rat all day is hard work, and sometimes you've just gotta give your pummelling arm a break. At least, that's the thinking behind Warhammer: Vermintide 2's resident Dwarf, who's ditching the melee weapons for a stonking great rotary minigun with today's new Outcast Engineer premium career DLC. Good on ya, Bardin - the Heavy would be proud.

Oh, it's very nice to see some of that good Vermintide banter eek its way into the marketing, mind. Lean harder on that, it's only the best bit of the whole dang game.

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Like the Grail Knight career (which turned our grubby human into a holier-than-thou fantasy Paladin), Outcast Engineer grants a fourth sub-class for Bardin the Dwarf. The biggest change is to his special ability, which - rather than being a one-off effect - sees the shorty wheel out an old-fashioned handheld gatling gun. Holding the right mouse button cranks it up, TF2-style, before you can unload a hail of bullets by firing as usual. Rather than expending ammo, the minigun depletes your ability bar - a bar that can be refilled by holding down reload to build pressure back up.

The career also comes with some other goodies, mind. A utility belt gives you handy access to grenades, while a new Masterwork Pistol and Cog Hammer fill your more standard ranged and melee attacks. The DLC also comes with a fair bundle of balance changes and bug fixes which are listed over in the update's patch notes, alongside a nice little short story about how Bardin became such a boffin at engineering - and how his old da' wouldn't approve of all this tinkerin'.

Vermintide doesn't go out of its way to do Warhammer world-building, but I'd love to see more little insights into the cast like this. They're a great bunch of misanthropes. I just hope Warhammer 40,000: Darktide's far-future bastards have as much charisma.

Vermintide 2's Outcast Engineer can be picked up for £3 over on Steam.

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